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Our team

Here's what each employee of Beaver Builders' Supply will do for you. If you have a project in mind we can help that vision. The home you dream of starts here.


Project Manager - We help you envision the concept of your construction project and put together numbers and options for materials and drawing up a plan. We oversee the coordination of the job, including materials, pricing, measurements, and time estimation for different stages of the project.


Inside Support Representative - We sketch the design work; provide technical estimates for your truss design. We help you with product research, give you options and make recommendations for the details of your project. We work closely with the project manager.


Warehousing and Delivery Staff - Organizing the materials for the project, including scheduling, picking materials and placing on trucks and getting to the job site when and where you want it. We have in-depth product knowledge. We are safe on the job site and we handle things carefully to get the product delivered in full, on time. All work is double-checked before the truck leaves the yard.