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Design for strong and long-lasting trusses

Beaver Builders' Supply has truss designers available to create custom or unique designs for residential or commercial applications. Call us today at 608-526-3232

  • FREE and accurate estimates

  • Cost-effective services

  • Manufacture roof trusses

  • Design and specify material for tall walls

  • Floor systems

  • Engineered trusses

  • Home plan rebates available

PROMPT and reliable truss design

We can design and engineer roof and floor trusses for almost all types of architectural structures. Every truss is individually designed to meet your specific needs.


If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, and if you imagine it, the professionals at Beaver Builders' Supply can design it and get it for you FAST and efficiently.

Designs for a good building experience

The owners are always personally involved


If you have a project in mind that may involve a unique truss, we can help that vision.